A eBaoTech Recebe Dois Premios da Indústria de Xangai

June 8, 2012

eBaoTech, a leading provider of new generation software and services for the insurance industry, has recently received two noteworthy distinctions, further demonstrating the company’s increasingly important role as a leading insurance software provider.

On March 27 2012, eBaoTech’s President and CEO Woody Mo was appointed Vice Chairman of the board of the Shanghai Software Industry Association for a four year term. The SSIA is a non-profit organization that works closely with the Chinese government to put into place regulations and policies to support the software industry of Shanghai. The organization offers a range of services, such as consulting, market exploration, technology improvement, publication of issues, training, right protection, membership service and much more. Every 5 years the association develops a five-year-national plan, a strategy that involves collaborating with the government to promote development of the software industry. Woody Mo is honored to be appointed Vice Chairman of the SSIA board of directors.

eBaoTech was also acknowledged recently at the annual KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) Annual Management Dinner. The company was recognized by the YangPu District of the Shanghai Government as the “Best Enterprise for Contribution to the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in 2011.” eBaoTech is honored to be thus recognized by its peers in the software industry and beyond.

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