eBaoTech LifeSystem e AgentOffice são os pacotes escolhidos para fazer funcionar a PICC Life na China

April 29, 2005

PICC Life is a life insurance joint venture between big players such as PICC Holdings Ltd (China’s largest insurer), Sumitomo Life Insurance of Japan, Asia Financial Holdings Ltd. (0662.HK:) and Bangkok Bank (BBL.BK:).

The company is the first foreign venture to receive a nationwide license, meaning it doesn’t need further regulatory approvals to open new branches.

By combining PICC’s brand and management base with Sumitomo’s methods and technology and Bangkok Bank’s experience in selling insurance products through a bank network, PICC Life is poised to become a valuable player in the China insurance market.

To be able to achieve its growth ambitions, PICC life engaged domestic and international experts to select a suitable system to manage their operations. By unanimous vote, eBaoTech LifeSystem and eBaoTech AgentOffice were selected to be the ideal systems which are flexible, stable, and rich in functionality. Built on advanced web technology, the eBaoTech LifeSystem and eBaoTech AgentOffice is seamlessly integrated to reap the maximum benefit for front end capability with powerful back end functionality.

eBaoTech and PICC Life has also recently signed an agreement to foster long term cooperation and commitment between both companies.



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