NTUC Income de Cingapura implementa com sucesso o eBaoTech GeneralSystem

June 6, 2004

On 6th June 2004, NTUC Income cut over from its legacy HP3000 general insurance administration system to the new generation eBaoTech GeneralSystem, with full customization of the new system and legacy data migration of close to one million policies.

This is the second phase of Income’s legacy replacement and was implemented by eBaoTech within one year. LifeSystem was adopted by Income last June and has already improved business results by significantly reducing operation costs and processing time of their life insurance operations.

The successful implementation of eBaoTech LifeSystem and GeneralSystem represents a significant milestone for the insurer as both its Life and General insurance operations are now running on one integrated platform, which is provided and supported by eBaoTech. The integrated system provides the best straight through processing workflow, maximum flexibility and a fully customer centric view.

NTUC Income is one of Singapore’s largest insurers, with more than one million individual life insurance policies, half a million insured lives in group policies, half a million general insurance policies and annual premium income of USD 2 Billion.


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