HP publica el benchmark de eBaoTech GeneralSystem V3.1.2

June 24, 2009

eBaoTech obtained another benchmarking certification of its GeneralSystem V3.1.2, this time from the Capacity Planning Center of Hewlett Packard in Seoul, Korea.

The objective of benchmark test was to simulate a real business scenario running on GeneralSystem V3.1.2 using HP hardware in the areas of New Business, Claims and Finance modules for general (property and casualty) insurance business, representing 5.3 million policies and more than 4.5 million customers in the database. The test confirmed that eBaoTech GeneralSystem can support up to 5,000 concurrent users with an hourly throughput of 10,000 plus policies and over 2,000 claims per hour. An average online transaction was executed in less than one and half second response time on average.

This test result proves eBaoTech GeneralSystem meets the processing requirements of even the largest insurers and is one of the most robust general insurance applications worldwide.

Please find details from the report here.


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