Fortis inicia las actividades de Russian Life Insurance con eBaoTech LifeSystem

January 4, 2007

Fortis has announced the launch of a new life insurance business in Russia (see announcement in PDF). This business is fully running on eBaoTech LifeSystem, covering all insurance processes. The joint Fortis-eBaoTech-ITDS team implemented and customized LifeSystem within 7 months, catering for around 6 launch products and adapting LifeSystem to the Russian requirements, including full Russian language support in the user interface and in all documents. In addition, an interface to the Russian Website was developed for direct customer access to get quotes and buy life cover, using advanced Web Services.

Daniel Adamec, CEO eBaoTech Europe comments: “We are very happy to have collaborated with Fortis Insurance International on this venture, and look forward to a long-term relationship with the teams in Russia and in other Fortis markets. With this, we have proven again that we can deliver a localized version of LifeSystem within very tight time and budget restrictions, and can customize the application to new products and language requirements quickly. For us, this Implementation has been a great example of a global collaboration to deliver state-of-the art technology to a large financial institution”.

Please click here to see the news release from Fortis


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