eBaoTech celebró por primera vez el Foro Global Client Leaders

September 13, 2006

First eBaoTech Global Client Leaders Forum was held in eBaoTech’s new global headquarters in KIC Plaza, Shanghai on September 11-12, 2006. More than 40 attendees representing 17 insurance companies attended the forum. Some of them flew in from Netherlands, Switzerland, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and so on. Many of them are CEO, COO, and CIO of leading insurance companies.

Not only they came, but also they participated with strong passion, strong interest, and most importantly, strong will to help us to improve and grow further. They gave us a lot of good feedbacks and encouragement. Our formal speakers, CEO of NTUC Income, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Operation and Technology of ACE International Life, Deputy General Manager of Taiping Life, President of Honeywell China, all presented very inspirational and insightful speeches and the crowds responded with strong interest and long discussions.

eBaoTech management team presented to our clients our recent development and key initiatives to make further improvements. Our clients reacted very positively to our plan and are committed to help us.

The success of this first global client leaders’ forum marked a historical moment of our growth. It will be a regular eBaoTech event.



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